About Us

Spencer Smith

Hi I'm Spencer! I am an Entrepreneur, Content Creator, and Makeup Artist. I wanted to create this podcast with my friend Chris because I have always loved stories, specifically ones that get people uncomfortable. I saw the movie "The Ring" at my twelfth (sidebar: that is a difficult word to spell, I thought it was twelveth)

birthday party. All my friends were terrified, on the other hand, I was enthralled. Thus the beginning of my obsession with all things horror related. This podcast is my excuse to spend hours researching these topics with a purpose instead of looking suspicious to my partner. This podcast is also an excuse to scare the shit out of my friend Chris lol, see below.

Chris White

My name is Chris and I am half of Spoopy the podcast. I am a failed scientist, turned flooring designer, with an affinity for being scared about way too many things. When something gets spoopy, I'm the first to cover my eyes and squeal. This makes me the perfect person to talk about whatever creepy, crawly, scary, spooky, and SPOOPY things that might cross our podcast desk.